Meet Helen

My story began at the age of 15 as an apprentice hairdresser in the city of Perth. We had extensive training every day, and competed in many hair competitions through my apprenticeship.

Winning a cutting trophy in my second year beating 3rd and 4th year apprentices was a huge achievement to say the least. I was on fire and carried that passion throughout my entire career achieving quality hair styles and amazing connections with all sorts of people from all walks of life.

I worked with many products lines that were very toxic giving customers reactions that were very compromising to their hair health and body, not to mention finally my health at 29 being diagnosed with breast cancer.

18 years ago I was blessed to have been introduced by an ex cancer customer an amazing certified cruelty free organic product giving me all the results I required to the highest of levels. Yes finally I could and still use these products and see incredible results in the condition of the hair and scalp without poisoning anyone including myself.

When I opened my organics 4 hair salon then everyone started to use ammonia free products as they where starting to come onto the market. The crazy thing is the company’s have replaced ammonia with other extremely toxic ingredients with very little organic percentage and make it be know as an organic product, which it is not.

Its my mission to educate people on this miss conception helping ones who are suffering from cancer, chronic fatigue, and many other health issues and delivering beautiful hair. I just love creating gorgeous hair styles and i love all the amazing people I get to meet. I now work in a fully equipped salon from home with ocean views and lots of fresh air, giving my undivided attention to all.